Triton Services

Triton Services

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Justin Kwong

Core Values

Our Commitment

To our Employees

We will provide sound management, fair treatment, and a safe and healthy working atmosphere.

To our Customers

We are committed to quality, cost-effective solutions, and long- term customer satisfaction.

To our Partners

We are committed to fair competition, impartial treatment, clear-cut agreements, and honest feedback.

Customer Dedication

Customer Focus

Triton builds on a foundation of outstanding people. Our culture is a reflection of our relentless determination to continually improve upon our personal best. We measure our success by the success of our customers. Achieving customer satisfaction requires detailed analysis of customer requirements, consideration and integration with the latest technologies, and proactive methods for understanding what our customers like and dislike.

Employee Sensitive Environment

Triton is committed to its people and the environment in which they work. We foster open and effective communication by giving employees an active role in decision-making and self-governance. We assist in balancing the demands of work and personal life by offering a number of programs such as gym discounts, telecommuting, flextime, and company-sponsored education.


Within our culture, responsibility manifests in two forms:

The world of duty and obligation: doing what we are told, doing what we promise, and doing what is expected. This includes reporting concerns in the workplace, including violation of laws, regulations, and company policies. It also means seeking clarification and guidance whenever there is doubt.

The world of prudent risk-taking; fostering change; and knowing when to renegotiate. Here people of authority must exercise their power wisely. We seek to create something new and different. Something that goes "beyond" what was before.

Teamwork & Values

Teamwork allows Triton to benefit from the combined strength of our individual talents, skills, and expertise. Teams share trust and decision making, balance workloads, and accept joint responsibility for actions and decisions. Triton strives to build lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We maintain our reputation by adhering to a fundamental set of values throughout our organization.

Ethical Conduct

Ethics and integrity are vital components of Triton's culture. We promote honesty and trust. We treat others with the same dignity and respect that we expect ourselves. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior and collectively take responsibility for our actions.


High-quality work is important in achieving and maintaining client trust. At Triton, this means meeting and exceeding both stated and implied customer needs. Our qualified personnel welcome challenge and excel at surpassing customer expectations.


Triton takes pride in the diversity of our work force and the uniqueness of each employee. We treat our fellow employees with respect and fairness, and support initiative through recognition of individual contributions.