Internet of Things / Internet of Everything

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forcing business leaders and web/mobile application developers to build apps which leverage internet connected devices. Entando simplifies the end-to-end development of web and mobile applications for IoT projects by providing an access layer for IoT, a business logic layer, and a presentation layer. Build business activity monitoring for mesh networks, web enable systems for remote sensors / controls, automate commands to systems, display analytics from sensor networks, and much more.

Corporate Dashboards

Analytics, process automation and business activity monitoring are being combined by corporations into corporate dashboards to improve processes and management's decision capability. Significantly less complex than portlet-based portals but with stronger security and audit controls than open source PHP solutions, Entando is a leading solution for corporate dashboards.

Government Portals

Worldwide government agencies strive to improve services and communications to the public using government service portals. Entando (a leader in government service portals) enables agencies to quickly build web and mobile applications focused on information delivery, data input, document sharing and legacy system integration all with strong security and auditing.