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Triton's IT Services

Triton Services is a recognized leader with extensive industry, business, and technology experience working for both Defense and commercial companies. We offer consulting services in technical and business related activities.

On the technical side we provide experts in every military field, from intelligence related activities to the most sophisticated platforms and systems used today. Triton personnel will work with your team to find the right consultant to meet your needs.

In business Triton will provide business strategy development through application development to deployment. We can provide experts to help guide your business and we're committed to helping our clients quickly realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable ROI. We offer the agility of a smaller firm, with the concentration and efficiency of a dedicated management team unencumbered by large corporate processes.

Triton's IT Consulting

Triton's Information technology (IT) consulting services help design, develop and maintain the hardware and software components of computer systems. Our staff of software developers, programmers, Web portal designers, database designers and database administrators, project managers, application architects, systems analysts, and technical trainers can meet your needs whether large or small.

Our consulting services employ data architects, data modelers, database analysts, quality assurance (QA) personnel or software testers, customer support technicians, and client technologies specialists as required, based on your needs. Our current service clients range in size from large DoD organizations servicing hundreds of thousands of users to small businesses with minor needs.

Business Contact
Justin Kwong

Triton has provided Advanced Technology Solutions and Services to both the public and private sector communities since 1994.

Our Mission

To strengthen our clients with successful cutting-edge solutions to their business challenges.

Our Vision

To be a solutions and services industry leader in our selective markets and a benchmark company in terms of quality customer service and growth.