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Justin Kwong

ACNT Instructor (Enlisted)

** This billet will be required to work second or third shift **

Please do not hesitate to send us your resume if you meet our qualifications.

Triton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


ATRC, Dahlgren, VA

Required Start Date:


Billet Description

This individual will be a part of a multi-instructor workforce providing instruction in the courses listed below. They will report to the Course Supervisor assigned by the ATRC and will coordinate their activities with the LM MFC Lead Contractor Instructor. The primary focus of this billet is to provide systems instruction in the Networking, Computer and Display equipment onboard US Navy Aegis, SSDS and LCS platforms.

The candidate must possess qualifications from the list below:

Required Qualifications

Graduate of Aegis ACNT 7.1/7.1R/Baseline 8/Baseline 9 pipelines and have field experience in operation and/or repair of LAN, Display and Computer equipment onboard Aegis platforms.
Graduate of Aegis ACNT 6.3, Display or Computer pipelines with maintenance experience in UYQ-21, Q-70 Display Equipment or AN/UYK-43 Computers.
An Electronics Technician or Information Technology Specialist (maintenance experience required) with knowledge of at least one UNIX operating System (HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, etc.)
Qualified instructor, 9502 NEC or able to qualify as an Instructor at ATRC in accordance with ATRC instructions and able to prepare and present material to junior enlisted technicians.

Course(s) this billet will instruct:

Aegis Computer Pipeline (A-150-0288), Aegis Display UYQ-21 Pipeline (A-150-0933), ACNT 6.3 Pipeline (A-150-0930), ACNT 7.1 Pipeline (A-150-0929), ACNT 7.1R Pipeline (A-150-0931), ACNT Baseline 8 CGM Pipeline (A-150-0932) and ACNT Baseline 9 Pipeline (A-150-1047)

Required NECs

1335, 1318, 1345, 1144, 1322, 1624, 1386 or 1339 and 9502

All positions require that you are a U.S. citizen and SECRET clearance eligible.


Russell Riggs
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