Projection Technology / Optical Design

Projection Technology


The Triton Mini Pocket Projector technology originated from the Defense Industry where engineering standards for form-fit-function displays must adhere to strict military specifications. This Projector meets the high performance military standards for harsh environment survivability and superior information fidelity while exacting a balance between brightness, color saturation, size, power and cost.

Optical Design

A custom solution using the foundation of our proprietary systems can accommodate any video format and scale to most common output display resolutions. Our systems are also capable of operating as "smart" displays to provide data and graphics pre-processing. Systems can be tailored to process data from a multitude of input sources and sensors for a complete data processing solution.

Head Down Displays

Triton's ruggedized 6x8 Inch LED Illuminated Display System is a highly integrated, military tested display solution, capable of showing both commercial and military video formats. Our design combines state-of-the-art image scaling and processing systems with a proprietary screen structure, optics and LED illuminator.

Head/Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD)

Triton's Head Mounted Display is a compact wearable near-to-eye display system that allows the user to immerse into virtual reality by overlaying electronically generated imagery onto the real world scene. This lightweight HMD can be used as a wireless or wired communication device via smart phone or other electronic controller. It will deliver a high resolution, distortion-free, unobstructed video experience while consuming low power.

Iris Recognition Systems

No single biometric will suit every customer's needs, but Triton's Iris Recognition optical imaging system is an ideal biometric solution for high security requirements. Triton's optical module can be integrated with existing optical sensor technologies and off-the-shelf iris recognition software programs. It is the only system that can be embedded into mobile devices, protecting access to information stored on smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Head Up Displays

Each system is optically engineered, with features such as sunlight readability, high brightness Day Mode, low brightness Night Mode, NVIS compliance, and night vision goggle compatibility.