Professional Engineering Services

Triton is dedicated to quality management and continuous product and process improvement. Our electron technology manufacturing division has been awarded ISO 9001 certification - the seal of quality manufacturing processes and controls. Our personnel are experts in Engineering Services, Management Information Systems, and Software Support Services. Triton provides a full range of support for all our products and services.

Electron Technology Test and Evaluation

Triton conducts prototype and first article testing for systems, subsystems and/or components. For developed systems, Triton's electrical and mechanical engineering groups plan, develop, and implement the testing programs. Triton's environmental laboratory has the capability to test shock, vibration, temperature, altitude and automatic thermal cycling. Additional capabilities include testing of microwave components, vacuum devices, power transmitters, broadcasting components, modulating power supplies and numerous RF cable assemblies. Triton also has the capability to fully "reverse engineer" previously developed products.

Management Engineering Services

Triton conducts and develops various studies and analyses and provides program management support across complex technical environments. We provide complex subject matter development, integration, and application support, evaluations, analyses and engineering support utilizing relational databases, model development, and effective use of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for end user applications. We are experienced in processes to stream line acquisition and have extensive expertise in avionics, electronic warfare, air crew and ground crew systems, and high order intelligence support systems.

Systems Engineering

Triton develops mission critical software tools and applications, authoring, sophisticated interactive applications for high end electronic systems. We develop complex, high order toolkits, management systems, data base design and development, robust Client/Server systems. Triton develops and delivers versatile software development projects, fully enabling and supporting various multimedia applications.

Information Systems

Triton supports information management and distribution systems design, development, and implementation and a wide range of information technology applications and development tailored to individual mission requirements. We utilize Object-oriented architecture to provide an extensible development environment and create graphical and interactive multimedia applications that are faster and more dynamic than traditional tools and methods.

Software Process Improvement

Triton has extensive software expertise and an in depth knowledge base enabling a wide range of software application growth and improvement. We successfully manage complex technical efforts and interactive, hypermedia applications with a wide array of domestic and foreign technology transfer and integration.

Strategic Planning & Program Analysis

Triton has in-house and field capability to support a wide variety of technical and commercial products and projects. We provide requirement definition assistance, life cycle cost analysis, implementation support, 'strategy to task', need/threshold matrix, multi- tool development, analytical tool development, modeling and simulation capability with full up support of system/project engineering.

Integrated Logistics Support

Triton provides Integrated Logistics Support for fielded systems, sub-systems and components. Planning for spares and support tracking history for reliability data and determining the future support direction are critical in responsive logistics support. Materials for logistical support are controlled through the Triton MRP System and material specialists provide continual up date on Mil-Spec part obsolescence.

Project Risk Management & Analysis

Triton performs Risk Management Analysis for large-scale, technology-based programs. We utilize activity-based task and cost planning to prepare project management plans and provide insight into risk analysis and project viability. Triton has provided indepth analyses for its customers in the software management, program/project management and federal government cabinet agency management areas.

Training Services

Triton has a variety of software application training support services. We provide technical training at company, client and field support sites, through mentoring and tutoring. We offer full development of Computer Based Training (CBT) applications and state of the art, interactive dynamic tools which are expandable and growth orientated.

Financial Systems Programming Services

Triton has analyzed legacy systems, defined new data requirements, planned and designed database files, defined database structure, and programmed replacement systems using 3rd and 4th generation GUI tools for complex federal government accounting and financial systems..

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Triton has provided Advanced Technology Solutions and Services to both the public and private sector communities since 1994.

Our Mission

To strengthen our clients with successful cutting-edge solutions to their business challenges.

Our Vision

To be a solutions and services industry leader in our selective markets and a benchmark company in terms of quality customer service and growth.