Open Source Enterprise Portals

Triton provides the world's leading open source portal and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions to government and private sector customers. Triton is preferred for all open source portal services specific to the unique operational needs of the Federal Government, State and local agencies and offices.

Internet of Things / Internet of Everything

Triton has taken a leadership role in the Governement's acceptance of open source Internet of Things (IoT) application platforms. Entando is a very light weight, open source, Web Application Platform that can be used to develop dynamic web and mobile applications that integrate into enterprise systems and data. Entando leverages applications that connect to sensors, switches and controllers as part of the Internet of Things.

Projection Technology / Optical Design

Custom solutions using the foundation of our proprietary systems can accommodate any video format and scale to most common output display resolutions. Our systems are also capable of operating as "smart" displays to provide data and graphics pre-processing. Systems can be tailored to process data from a multitude of input sources and sensors for a complete data processing solution.